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One third of the elder population over the age of 65 falls each year, and the risk of falls increases proportionately with age. Help us understand what causes people to fall and together, we can prevent harm from happening.

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Preventing Harm

Movement patterns and abrupt behavioural changes are early indicators that help to detect, predict and ultimately, prevent falls. We are building a monitoring system that sits on top of standard CCTV systems and automatically extracts crucial health metrics over time. Using only one camera and a lot of artificial intelligence, our smart system is able to track activities, walking and sleeping patterns, but most importantly, risk of falling. As if it wasn't enough, all data is fully anonymised and securely stored.

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How we do it

Smart Monitoring

Track vulnerable people over time and record crucial health metrics.

Assess Risk

Visualise individual health progress on the profile dashboard.

Save Lives

Get notified when somebody is at risk, in time to prevent dangerous outcomes.

Peace of Mind

The video data is fully anonymised and kept in secure storage.

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